We are pleased to announce that the new Atroxity.com is finally live! It took many hours of code wrestling, page tweaking, internet researching, and even the occasional bout of soul searching, but the results are finally finished and have been rolled out before you.

This new website redesign has us at Atroxity Headquarters incredibly excited, because it owes its entire existence to our decision to drop our sporadic updating schedule in favor of posting new pages weekly. That’s right, no more waiting for six to eight months to read a twelve page batch of new material. Starting tomorrow, we will now be publishing a new page every Monday morning.

That’s right: one new Atroxity page every Monday morning. ¬†We are not messing around, people.

We were initially reluctant to abandon our original plan to publish finished scenes in their entirety, but we ultimately felt that more consistent and smaller updates would give us increased momentum while maintaining some degree of public visibility for this crazy serialized graphic novel in which we’re investing so much of our time. Weekly updates–while slight on an individual basis–means more Atroxity at a more consistent pace.

It also means more work for us! Case in point: it meant that I suddenly needed to create a new website that can handle weekly updates.

And here it is.

One final comment on the site before I wrap things up: the website for the webcomic Little Guardians was incredibly invaluable when trying to figure out how I wanted to lay out this new site. Their site sold me on using the WordPress/ComicPress platform, and in the end our site turned out a lot like theirs (except, erm, not quite as awesome). I didn’t borrow from them but I did follow, so credit where credit’s due and all that.

Plus their comic is cool.

So anyway: we’re excited and proud to launch this next phase in the world of Atroxity. Take a look around the site, and be sure to let us know if you stumble upon a rough patch that we somehow overlooked.

And then head back on Monday, when we finally go live with the first page of Chapter One, Scene Two. We’re pretty pumped to share this scene, which finally has some dialogue without curse words, I swear.

(the scene also has curse words)

See you Monday!