The majority of scene 1.2 has been now formatted for online publication–i.e. watermarked and shrunk down to a reasonable size so you can see more than the protagonist’s moles–and the first six pages have been ushered into the wings where they shall each shift from foot to foot in anticipation as they wait for their entrance upon the stage.

Monday is going down, people.  New page in three days, another new page after that, and so on.

I’ve also been squashing bugs on this website.  At some point my fix that prevented ComicPress from resizing our double-page spread became unfixed, so I had to rectify that.  I apologize if you perused our archive and found the city skyline panorama shot in scene 1.1 shrunk down into a Revell miniature scale model, but things should now have returned to their ComicPress-wasn’t-exactly-designed-for-this frame-breaking glory.

Beyond that, the wait until Monday is on.  I guess there’s nothing else to do until then except enjoy the weekend!