It is with great excitement that we publish the very first page of chapter 1.2–the first page of new Atroxity in over half a year.  It doesn’t move the story forward much by itself, of course, but the next page goes live in a week, and the next page a week after that, and so on until you find yourself frantically refreshing this page at 11:59 every Sunday night for that next hit of Atroxity.

We’re really looking forward to rolling out these next few scenes, too.  We’re proud of what’s currently live, of course, but it reveals such a microscopic sliver of what Atroxity is all about; it’s a bit like showing someone the first five minutes of Star Wars and then making them wait a year for more. Yeah, the shots of armored stormdudes invading a ship are cool and the protagonist in the robe years for something more out of life, but to what end? Franchise benchmarks like lightsabers and the Force aren’t even hinted at yet, and Han Solo is nowhere near his screen entrance.

Not that Atroxity has much in common with Star Wars, of course, but the point still stands: stories like this aren’t meant to be spread out as far as we have, and our story has barely begun.

That all changes today.  Settle in, read on, and (hopefully) enjoy!

Next page goes live in seven days.