The unnamed protagonist walks into a bathroom.  The unnamed protagonist walks out.

This page marks two important moments in our world of Atroxity:

First, this is the twenty-fifth page of Atroxity we’ve rolled out into the world.  This is a big milestone for us, especially when you consider the incredibly labor-intensive  road the first ten pages traveled–there was a period of time when it seemed like our protagonist would never leave that alley, let alone eventually enter and leave a bathroom.

Secondly, this page marks the transition from “unnamed protagonist wanders around and gapes at unfamiliar territory” to “unnamed protagonist attempts to get some answers.”  Every story needs a center and we’re getting closer to the one that run throughout Atroxity.

In other words: 25 pages in, shit is about to get real.

Thanks for reading, and see you next Monday.

P.S.  Our esteemed penciller/inker Luke has discovered the Twitter password I emailed him a couple months ago and has started posting things.  So check out our Twitter page, which is no longer solely a platform for the writer to spout off about whatever as a writer will do.

- Bill (the writer)