Let’s talk about things that kind of suck: taking a break between scenes.

Let’s talk about things that really suck: taking a break mid-scene.

Another way of putting this: Monday’s page of Atroxity wrapped up with one of the knights saying, “…and if you keep sinning, well…”

…well that sentence isn’t going to be completed for a little bit.

As much as we hate to do this, we need to take a small mid-scene break. Real life has overwhelmed and the buffer has run dry.

As alluded to when I announced our last, entirely too recent break, we three Atroxity creators have had a lot happen in life lately. It’s all been positive stuff, for example:

My wife and I moved across the country.

Michael and his wife had their second baby.

Luke and his wife had their first baby…and moved.

The good news is this is all good news, and we’ve been plugging away at Atroxity throughout it all. The bad news is we weren’t able to plug away at a rate that could keep up with our weekly publication schedule, and our previous four week break wasn’t enough. ¬†As much as it kills us to interrupt a scene mid-momentum, we don’t really have a choice.

We’re going to wait and announce a return date once we have one we can stick to, although it should be sooner than later. The dust has started to settle and things are ramping up again, so it’s only a matter time before we return to poor Stanny and Saul.

Thanks for your patience. We’ve got a lot of story yet to tell, and it’s coming soon.