Hey there…remember us?

Yeah, it’s been awhile. Before I could log in to this website I first had to cut through three months of overgrowth and take care of a nasty possum infestation in the basement.

So what was the deal?

The short answer is a whole lot of life happened, and we somehow managed to burn through our back catalog of unpublished pages. And so we went on break, and Luke and I–then both fairly well settled–began plugging away on our respective duties behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, Mike’s life also didn’t settle accordingly. The art lift on any given page of Atroxity is pretty heavy, and Mike found that things were crazy enough at his job–you know, the real one that actually pays the bills–to make any Atroxity progress impossible.  Once our hiatus stretched into an extended break with no end in sight, Mike regretfully volunteered to hand over the coloring reigns to someone with the time needed to commit to a project like this.

Atroxity is returning

Atroxity hits back with extra muscle provided by Lee, starting on November 11th

I’ll be honest: it was tough to contemplate an Atroxity without Mike. He was a critical person in the launching of the project, and his colors and tones have shaped the visual personality of the comic. At the same time, though, I’m glad he was willing to let the project go before it became a burden or dwindled completely into the background.

Luckily another door opens as this one closes, though, as we’re excited to announce that Lee Alailima-Rose is now joining the team as our new colorist!

Lee’s an incredibly talented guy who brings to the table years of experience  and an awesome portfolio that include a digital painting of Abraham Lincoln riding a T-Rex (yes, I did not use the word “awesome” lightly). He’s also a cool dude who has fit so seamlessly into the creative team it’s like he was already there. He’s passionate, driven, and full of good ideas regarding our project as a whole.

And perhaps most importantly, his finished Atroxity pages look phenomenal.

When can you start checking out these finished Atroxity pages? How does November 11th sound?

One week from now we release the pause button, and a new era of Atroxity begins. New creative team, new Atroxity pages, and no more of these momentum-annihilating breaks

So join me in wishing Mike farewell as he takes a step back from page duties (although he’s still part of the extended creative Atroxity family), and also join me in welcoming Lee onboard.

Great things happened with Mike, but great things are also ahead.

One week.