In mid December of 2005, I wrapped up the initial draft of the first chapter of Atropolis, a graphic novel I had loosely envisioned.

Eight years, numerous revisions, and one project name change later, chapter one of Atroxity is complete and online.  That amounts to 48 pages of finished art, despite their being moments when it seemed like we wouldn’t ever manage to complete one.

I don’t want to pat ourselves on the back too much, especially when there are other online graphic novels that somehow manage four times our output, but I’m a proud parent all the same. The first chunk of Atroxity can finally be read in chapter form as originally intended, with a beginning, middle, and logical break point.

Speaking of breaks–ahem–we also thought this would be a good opportunity to take four weeks off from publishing new pages.

“What?!” I hear you say. “You guys just spent the last six months largely on breaks, and you just told us in no uncertain terms that breaks were a thing of the past!”

I know, I know. Please put down that board with a nail in it and hear me out.

Those previous breaks were of necessity, as we were running out of pages to publish.  Contrast that to now, when our page buffer is currently healthy, and as a creative team we’re more stable than we’ve ever been before.  So why break?

First, we thought it would make sense to mark the completion of chapter one with a short palate-cleansing pause (emphasis on “short”).  Were you reading the book as a whole, wrapping up one chapter might be a good point at which to stop for the night with plans to continue the next day.

But more importantly, we’d like to take the following four weeks to focus on some of the other neglected corners of the Atroxity empire, like promotion, website maintenance, and long term planning. We published 26 pages of Atroxity in 2013, and we fully expect to nearly double that in 2014. with possible expansion into other mediums. As such, it makes sense to take a few weeks off to push more eyeballs toward what we’ve just wrapped up, while shoring up the foundation to prepare for our next step.  And yes, our next step does include (in part) publishing the entirety of chapter two without interruption.

Also: unlike our last couple breaks, we’ll still be around during the next four weeks. We’ve got some cool things queued up for sharing on our website and social media sites, so there will be plenty of visible Atroxity activity, just no new pages for four weeks.

So kick back, reread chapter one in its entirety, keep an eye on our Facebook/Google + pages and Twitter feeds, and return on January 20th when we check back in with Saul and see just how deep of a pile of shit the little jerk has managed to step in.