As frequent visitors of this fine site are undoubtedly already aware, a new page of Atroxity went live on Monday and Horrell finally reached the violent punch line of his miserable joke.

The miserable joke that I wrote over eight years ago, by the way.

It’s a weird thought now, but Atroxity started to come together as a concept for a graphic novel way back in 2005, and I began work on the script later that year. At the time, Atroxity was envisioned as a far more cartoony endeavor–my initial vision was heavily inspired by Jamie Hewlett’s artwork for the second Gorillaz album–and I had little concept of the over-arcing plot of the book beyond “Saul wakes up in Atroxity and tries to escape while mixing it up with the various factions of the city.”

(Spoiler Alert: Saul will proceed to try to escape while mixing it up with the various factions of the city)

At any rate, I completed the original draft of the first story arc (i.e. chapters one through three) in late 2005/early 2006. This draft would eventually mutate a great deal as the tone of the project matured during the ensuing years, but the bones of these finished pages come directly from that first draft.

As such, I’m finally seeing Horrell wheel off the punch line that I first envisioned in 2005. A scene that has been bouncing around inside my head for well over eight years has finally grown up and ventured out into the world

Bottom line: it’s incredibly rewarding and good lord I’m getting old.

Other than the above, not a whole lot to report at Atroxity Central. We’re just plugging away on new pages and laying down the tracks before the publication train barrels over them.  And posting cool stuff to our Twitter feed, which you are undoubtedly already following due to it being a bottomless well of incredible content.