It seems like every time we return from a break, I give some kind of speech about how that was the last break (seriously) and we should be able to publish without interruption from here on out (for real this time).

I need to learn not to post somewhat binding things when in the throes of optimism.

So, time for a little good news/bad news. The good news is the first scene of chapter two is drawing to a close, and the scene has been incredibly rewarding to see take shape as finished pages that look even cooler than what I initially envisioned. Chapter two in many ways operates as an introduction to the real Atroxity, and so it’s been great to see it unfolding successfully (and pulling readers through in the process).

The bad news is we’ve just about depleted our page buffer, and as such we need to announce another four week break once the current scene draws to a close in a couple weeks.

I know, I know–”NO MORE BREAKS,” I said, and here I am pointing my finger at my younger self and calling him a liar. But we were, perhaps, a little unrealistic regarding how many hours go into each page, as well as the degree to which minor scheduling hiccups can knock things back. We’ve had a consistent creative output, but it’s just barely trailed (on average) behind our publication rate, and as such we’re rolling into the finish line of the current scene with a tank full of little more than fumes.

And so let’s swap out promises of no breaks ever for one of controlled and planned breaks, so that I no longer have to eat crow every few months as we hit the pause button yet again. We’re still working at a furious pace behind the scenes, but we have to be more realistic about what we can promise.

So: ¬†two more page of scene 2.1–the last going live on April 28th–and then four weeks off. We’ll post the occasional sketch or sneak preview, of course, but then Saul and the rest of the city of Atroxity return on June 2nd.

Along with a new addition to the cast, but don’t quote me on that.

And as always, thanks for reading!