So, this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to say, so I’m just going to say it: Atroxity’s current four week break from publishing new pages is unfortunately being converted into a full on hiatus.

As in: a longer break that doesn’t currently have a scheduled end.

The short version of the long story behind this all is as follows: Atroxity is a lot of work and we need a bit more of a break.

The long version: I estimate that each page has twelve to fifteen hours sunk into it between the three of us (and I’m not even counting the time spent initially on the script). That means that the three of us need to find twelve to fifteen hours a week to work on this unpaid labor of love, twelve to fifteen hours that must be squeezed in between our day jobs and family time. There’s very much a sense that all spare moments of downtime must be channeled into Atroxity to meet our weekly page publicaton rate, and that can be a bit exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong–the work is incredibly rewarding and we’re proud of the finished results. But our previous schedule was creating a bit of stress, which would then only compound when we started slipping on our page rate.

We could reduce our page rate, of course, but we’re also aware that we stand to lose both momentum and readers if we take more time to tell our story. Atroxity is barely off the ground, story-wise, and each missed deadline or extended break means the eventual points of payoff are just pushed that much further out.

So we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do. Maybe we’ll focus less on a schedule and more or publishing pages once there’s enough in the tank to reliably finish a scene. Maybe we’ll attmept to bring in additional help. Maybe we’ll identify problems in the work chain and get more efficient.

This is what we’re now trying to figure out, and this is why our break is turning into a hiatus. We’re taking a much needed step back so we can see what makes sense going forward. We love making comics and we’re incredibly proud of the finished results, but we need to make sure that an unpaid fun-focused gig isn’t getting stressful and unfun.

We believe in Atroxity, and we want to keep telling the story. We’ll be back, but it just won’t be on Monday.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.