saulwalkAtroxity is visually lush character-driven urban fantasy noir graphic novel in which one man attempts to unravel the secrets of the dark and dizzying city in which he finds himself.  Atroxity asks the question: when cut off from your past and pressed up against a wall, who are you?

Atroxity updates with a new page every Monday morning.

It is suggested that new readers start from the beginning at the Prologue. Returning readers can either jump to the latest page or visit the Table of Contents to find where they’ve left off.


Atroxity is the work of the following gentlemen:

Lee Alailima-Rose: colors and textures
L. Master: pencils and inks
B. Salisbury: words and themes

M. Barczak: colors and textures for prologue and most of first chapter

With thanks to editor C. Hogarty


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